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We Offer the Following Business & Financial Services:

Business Plan Development

Pinnacle Business Solutions works with clients to develop comprehensive business plans that enable companies to be successful in the future. These business plans address all the key components of a business such as: missionsgoalsobjectivesmarketsproduct and servicesoperations and finance.

Business Financial Analysis

Pinnacle works with clients to analyze the historical financial performance of their business. We perform various types of trend and ratio analysis to identify the key drivers of the company’s financial performance. We compare client performance to industry averages as well key competitors. We then recommend key actions that the client can take to improve ROI, profitabilitygrowth and cash flow.

Business Valuations

Pinnacle works with its clients to value their business today and in the future. We utilize three valuation techniques to accurately value the business. The techniques include: liquidation valuationfuture cash flow valuation and relative valuation. These valuations are used by clients to improve their business performance, bring in outside investment, and plan for a business sale or acquisition.

Business Investment Analysis

Pinnacle works with its clients to evaluate their investment options. Whether it’s a new or used: buildingpiece of equipment, or vehicle, we will financially analyze the clients' options and prepare a recommendation for the best course of action. As part of this analysis Pinnacle may perform a lease vs. buy analysis, we may also help the client evaluate various financing options such as bank loans or lease financing. In addition, Pinnacle will evaluate the tax implications of the Investment. This analysis helps clients ensure they are making the right investments for their business at the right time.

Business Performance Monitoring

Pinnacle works with its clients effectively monitor their businesses. We first help clients identify the key areas of their business need to be monitored on a regular basis. We then help clients establish goals for these areas and implement the correct set of indicators to accurately track performance against these goals. In many cases, we use a balanced scorecard approach to monitor company performance on a regular basis. Performance monitoring helps our clients quickly and efficiently identify problem areas within their business that can be corrected before they become major Issues.

Investor Relationship Management

Pinnacle works with its clients to help them manage their outside investors. We help clients manage their communication with investors. We also prepare financial information for investors to educate them on the company’s performance. Pinnacle advises clients on their various debt/equity financing options, we also help clients manage their Investor capitalization tables. Our work in this area enables clients to maintain a very productive relationship with their investors.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is the cornerstone to a solid business. Pinnacle works with its clients to analyze their historical and future cash flow to ensure their business is generating the appropriate amount of positive cash flow. In cases where the business is not generating the cash flow that is needed, we identify ways to improve their cash flow. We also help our clients put in place various financial solutions that improve their cash flow position such as: loanslines of creditaccounts receivable financinginventory financing and purchase order financing.

Monthly and Quarterly Financial Reviews

Pinnacle works with its clients to provide monthly and quarterly financial reviews. We analyze our clients actual financial results relative to their goals and their industry. We identify those areas of the company that are not on-track and provide recommendations for improvement . We also identify those areas the company leverage to accelerate the company’s growth, improve its profitability and strengthen its cash flow. Our work in this area enables our clients to efficiently manage their growth and achieve their financial goals.

Cost Reduction Programs

Pinnacle works with its clients to reduce costs in all aspects of their business. Clients in both the production, and service sector can benefit from our cost reduction programs. We analyze our client's financial performance to identify their key cost drives. We then establish goals for cost reduction. Once goals have been established, we work with the client to identify key actions that can be taken to reduce costs and achieve these goals. Lastly, we hold regular cost reduction program review meetings to monitor the clients progress toward these goals. Our work in this area helps clients identify the key levers they can pull to reduce costs and improve their overall profitability.

Key Link Between Customer and Financial Resources

Access to capital is critical to the success of a growing business. Pinnacle works with its clients to support their relationship with financial resources. We offer the experience needed to work with institutions such as banks, creditors and investment firms. Whether it is debt or equity financing, we help our clients understand their financial needs, select the right financial partner and product, and get the financing they need to grow their business.


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