Manufacturing Sector

Pinnacle Business Solutions


The manufacturing industry is quite diverse and fragmented, and many of our clients face similar challenges. They typically operate in the lower-volume business-to-business market.  As they target high-growth markets in the USA, they are facing a new wave of competition from emerging-market countries, and they need agile business and operational models to manage the volatility in market demand.

What we do

We work with leading manufacturing companies to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial performance improvements.

To help these companies deepen their core competencies of great engineering and design of distinctive products, we work with them to develop finely tuned strategies and detailed customer insights.

Many of our insights have been drawn from high-volume industries, but we have customized each to the environment and the challenges faced by lower volume clients. We blend this industry perspective with time-tested business acumen to deliver superior results.

Examples of our work

  • We helped a global technology manufacturer decrease total product cost by 5 percent by optimizing their manufacturing processes.
  • We helped a global technology manufacture implement a factory benchmarking and cost reduction program to share best-known methods across its network and reduce manufacturing costs in its factories.

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