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Our Technology Practice works in all areas of this ever-evolving industry, across all areas of the value chain and in all phases of the product lifecycle.  Corporations and consumers are relying more heavily than ever on technology to achieve commercial and personal goals. This has made high-tech products and services indispensable, yet more commoditized. Short product lifecycles have become even more condensed, with rapid innovation driving dynamic change, contributing to a market characterized by a steady stream of new entrants, and consolidation of existing players. Integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) need to conduct efficient and high-value R&D and identify the most promising pockets of market growth. At the same time, they need to contain manufacturing costs. Our specialists blend deep financial expertise with rigorous business training and help IDMs find the right balance.

Within this dynamic environment, Pinnacle helps our clients address challenges and opportunities by working with them to find the answers that matter most.

What we do

Pinnacle’s Technology Practice works with clients in all areas of the rapidly evolving high-tech industry, across all areas of the value chain and in all phases of the product lifecycle.

We have conducted more than 50 client engagements since 2003. This broad experience provides us with unique insight into industry-specific issues, allowing us to help both early-stage and established companies shape their business strategies and implement solutions that drive impactful change.

We help our clients with critical issues primarily in strategy, finance, accounting and tax. Our experienced team assist and serve the consumer and enterprise sectors, as well as component manufacturers and distributors, to refine strategies, improve ROI and access to capital, improve accounting systems and processes, and implement tax saving strategies.  We help clients reduce costs, run efficient manufacturing plants, and develop sharp go-to-market strategies.

We help IDMs in a number of areas: optimizing R&D efforts, restructuring budgeting processes, increasing the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, implementing cost reduction programs, improving time-to-market of product development. We also develop growth strategies that help clients identify meaningful pockets of opportunity outside their core markets.

Examples of our work

  • We helped a leading technology company develop a five-year financial forecast and business valuation which enabled them to raise over $12M in equity capital.
  • We helped a leading technology company take advantage of the Research and Development credits available to early stage technology companies, saving them over $200,000 in employment taxes.
  • We helped a leading technology company quickly startup by providing a comprehensive finance accounting, and tax solution.  This solution included setting up their accounting system, providing a monthly accounting service, preparing their five-year financial forecast, setting up the company’s federal and state tax structure including income, employment, sales, property and franchise tax, and income tax planning. We also prepared and presented financial updates to the company’s board of directors.

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