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In the past, margin management in the consumer goods industry was tantamount to capturing raw material price declines and introducing ever more profitable products. But the increasing competitive intensity, price pressure, and hybrid consumption have put an end to this era. To create sustainable value in today’s environment, consumer goods companies need disciplined strategic planning and focused execution and sound financial management. We support leading players in their efforts to gain sustainable advantage.

What we do

We help clients achieve sustainable performance gains by optimizing corporate strategy, business execution, and financial performance.

Our team supports clients in their efforts to create value now and in the future. Specifically, we work with consumer goods companies to define, review, and optimize strategies at all organizational levels, from the corporate center to individual business units. Our team also provides strategic advice on finance and value creation. We work with clients on topics such as valuation, transaction support, capital markets, treasury, financial analysis and modeling, and strengthening the finance function.

Depending on the challenge, solutions may include the following:

Corporate strategy/growth. Top-line growth is a key driver of total return to shareholders. We help clients identify and analyze their key drivers of growth relative to competitors. We engage with them on the outlook for future growth in light of their current portfolio, and we help them determine strategic actions to improve their growth trajectory. We also help clients understand and reap the benefits of scale.

Corporate finance/M&A. We help clients analyze and understand their performance in capital markets, and we work with them to devise a course of actions to improve their returns in capital markets. We also support our clients at all stages along the continuum of a transaction. Additionally, we help companies optimize the performance of their finance function.

Risk management. Consumer companies are operating in an environment that is characterized by volatile commodity cost, changes in consumer confidence, and many other dynamic factors. We help clients decide how to operate in this environment and hedge the risk of future challenges.

Examples of our work

  • We helped a leading product company develop its strategic business plan to chart its path over the next five years and prepare it for accelerated growth.
  • We helped a leading product company update its entire accounting system to properly track inventory, product costs, cost of sales and gross margin on all its products to comply with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • We helped a leading national product company setup its sales tax system to properly track and report sales tax on all product sales in the USA.

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