Financial Inefficiencies...

Are You the Victim?

Have you fallen victim to some of the most common financial inefficiencies?

  • No long term strategic plan for business
  • Inefficient use of assets (people, capital equipment, intellectual property, inventory) or loss of assets
  • Not getting the lowest cost of capital or don’t have the capital needed to expand
  • Poor relationship with bank or investors
  • Defaulting on bank loan covenants
  • Cash flow picture for business is unclear
  • Unable to make payroll
  • No clear profitability goals or not achieving profitability goals
  • No indicators in place to adequately monitor business performance
  • Losing market share to your competition
  • Not getting paid on time
  • Financial statements not meaningful or inaccurate
  • Not achieving required return on business investments
  • Receiving collection calls from creditors
  • Receiving notices from the IRS, ADOR, AZDES

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